Disk 24 Barra 7 - Sequoya

Disk24barra7 – 24/7
Country: Brazil.
Segment: drinks; retail.
Type of demand: naming; visual identity; ambiance; social networks.
Keywords: dynamism; innovation; connection; practicality; joviality.


Located in Balneário Camboriú, one of the main tourist cities in southern Brazil due to its beaches by day and excitement at night, 24/7 is a beverage distributor created in 2019 with a disruptive proposal: offering quality drinks 24 hours a day. day, every day of the week, either by withdrawing at the counter, by delivery applications or by consumption on the spot.

More than leading the local beverage market, the company’s purpose is to be the meeting point for locals and tourists who seek, day and night, the dynamics of the city and the parties around it. For this, 24/7 combines live electronic music, cold drinks and freshly prepared drinks for immediate consumption and active presence on social networks, focused especially on young audiences.

The visual system created was mirrored by references to design and decoration found in European electronic music ballads. The logo makes the typography itself its symbol, joining the numbers 24 and 7 which, in the grid, form a bar. This solution represents the company’s two main attributes: its uninterrupted hours of operation and its location in the south bar, a prime and active region of Balneário Camboriú.

The minimalism of the logo guided the unfolding of the rest of the identity, from graphic materials – such as mugs, uniforms, glasses and the like – to the ambience of the distributor.

In order to reflect the mixture between the daytime dynamism and the nightlife of the city, the color palette houses only the vibration of red and sobriety of black. The colors were applied in the decoration of the place, from the furniture and LED lights to the shelves and lamps in neon with conceptual phrases. Thus, the environment works both for casual meetings, as for warm ups and after parties with DJs known in the region.

Finally, translating the company’s disruptive essence, brand communication follows a grid deconstruction guide through overlapping and misaligned photos, icons and typography.