Capital Creators - Sequoya


Capital Creators
Country: United States.

Segment: investments; cryptocurrencies.
Type of demand: visual identity.
Keywords: universality; connections; disruption; digital; freedom.


Capital Creators’ purpose is to build a global community of ambitious entrepreneurs united by one interest: financial freedom. Thus, the platform promotes daily exchanges between experienced professionals and beginners who help each other to achieve their individual goals.

The change in visual identity came from a moment of transition for the company, now focused on cryptocurrencies. Our mission was to create a brand that communicates the purpose of Capital Creators, as well as its new focus, for people from all over the world, with different levels of knowledge and undertaking in different markets.

The solution came from the company’s own name, C (apital) + C (reactors). Connecting the two initial letters, we form the link of a chain, a universal icon that symbolizes both the blockchain and the union of the community. The connection, however, is angled so that it appears to be about to break – so we refer to the desired financial freedom, to the break with the status quo.