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Creating unique brands and experiences requires unique processes and skills. So we developed a working method that is as original as them: branching.

It unfolds into three types of demand that vary according to the needs of your business.

From root to top: full branching

We do everything from market positioning to content realization and campaigns.

Branches: Modular Demand

Just one of our services (or the sum of some of them): strategy, branding, content or digital media.

Special: tailor made

Specific projects, punctual or with special demands that are not part of our scope (yet).

How does branching work?

Inspired by the redwood anatomy, we created our own brand development method that reflects our essence.

For us, branching is a process centered on strategic thinking through which we create new business or redesign brands. Thus, we make them dynamic to unfold in different directions and be able to adapt to the environment in which they operate. Finally, to survive and ensure longevity with constant growth. As in a tree, each service we offer has a function:

Strategic Thinking: The Roots

Every building needs a solid foundation to support itself. We believe that in the universe of brands, this foundation consists of strategic thinking: market research, public research and trends refined by a critical and analytical look, resulting in planning that guides all aspects of the business. It is our front of business and innovation.

Branding: The Trunk

A company is like the trunk of a tree, formed by layers that start from the center and unfold to the surface, the bark. Each corresponds to the different areas that a business encompasses, which form around a well-defined core: the business culture. That's where values, ways of doing, attributes and guidelines are. All this translates into a visual and verbal discourse, forming a solid shell: what you see, the brand image.

Content and digital media: the branches

Just as the trunk breaks down into smaller parts, the branches, the branding must be broken down into different shapes. To ensure brand unity, we also perform these developments: we develop websites and e-commerce, produce videos and photos, feed blogs and social networks, manage communities, and create digital media campaigns. Each of these services is a different branch.

We like challenges.

Therefore, to be our customer, no matter what your country, segment, size or type of demand – the only criterion is willingness to change.

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